• Project Management
We offer end-to-end Project Management services encompassing the entire life cycle of the project from concept to completion. Our core competency lies in our ability to assess and integrate a portfolio of key initiatives and strategies to optimize delivery.
Our broad range of services is tailored to suit the specific requirements and opportunities of our clients and constantly strive hard to improve our project management techniques and practices that enhance client returns worldwide.
We are capable of providing services that are creative, professional and in line with the objectives, need, and environment consideration and safety requirements of our clients. Our centralized Project Management approach, enables us to achieve optimum coordination and maintain high standards across projects that transforms in to result oriented delivery with speed, efficiency and value.
Our services include Project Management Services, Architectural, Facility Management, Real Estate and Retail etc. We focus on quality and aim to achieve total customer satisfaction, both in the products we offer and in the service that follows.
We ensemble the activities such as planning, scheduling and maintaining through an established platform of integrated services to successfully achieve the objectives of our clients.
Our project management services include :
Feasibility Study : “An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied”. Arnold H. Glasgow For your ideas to be put in action we conduct a proactive study of how viable it is economically, socially, legally, technologically and otherwise. We subject the proposals to different levels of filtration and ensure that all risks associated with the project can be balanced out and ensure that the project will emerge as a milestone for your organisation.
Business Process Improvement/ Reengineering : We support you in all your functional activities from accounting to administration of finances. We help you obtain an overall view of your processes and help you establish a clear map of how every function within you r organisation works for the upside or downside of the same. We take the help industry expertise and in depth consulting experience to structure the design of the organisation to maximise efficiency and deliver on strategy. Along with your human resources we
Inculcate a clear and inspirational vision of the future
Identify and articulate the business capabilities required to deliver the organisation’s vision and strategy
Streamline performance management and reward strategies
Devise talent management strategies and progression planning.
Financial/ Legal / Tax Advisory : Red Venture assists in providing financial advisory services to your organisation through industry specific professionals who bring along several years of consulting experience. We provide you the acumen that you require to balance legal compliance and value creation along with mitigating risks to survive in a dynamic environment.
Key Areas of Expertise :
Strategy Development and Feasibility Studies
Project Finance
Program Management
Evaluation and Monitoring
Performance Management
Other Key Premium Service offered in Project Management is
Real Estate
Real Estate industry is the one industry that has a direct bearing on all other industries, be it the time tested manufacturing or the new sunrise industries. The growth in the real estates industry has been phenomenal as the real estate requirements of today's businesses are increasingly complex.
As the need increases, organizations across industries feel the impact and are forced to adopt new strategies resulting in the exponential increase in the scale of new projects. We, at Red Venture Project Managers, have the expertise to create world-class facilities by constantly re- inventing our processes and methodologies to cater to the future. We provide realistic project plans for our clients with detailed analysis on schedule, cost and quality and enable our clients to attain a new dimension to their business objectives.
Armed with local market knowledge, industry-specific expertise, supported by market research and analysis capabilities, we empower our clients with the right kind of information they need to anticipate opportunities, seize competitive advantage and execute the best possible real estate strategies. Over the years we have successfully executed many projects comprising of residential townships, I.T. projects and commercial projects. Our services are based on sound marketing research and commitment to meet the client's objectives.
We provide real estate and urban economic consulting services to private and public-sector clients, through innovative thinking, sound research and objective advice. We have specialized in providing a wide range of real estate advisory services tailored to the needs of three major client groups: Corporates, Developers, Land owners and Investors and Public Sector and Government Agencies.
We help corporates to streamline their real estate operations and maximize the value of their portfolio.
Developers, Land owners and Investors
We undertake market and financial feasibility studies, fiscal and economic impact and other land-use entitlement assistance based on the needs of the developers, land owners and investors.
Public Sector and Government Agencies
We ably assist Public Sector and Government Agencies in economic development, asset management or disposition strategies, fiscal impact analysis and facilitation of public-private transactions.
We partner with all of our clients and help them address complex real estate problems and make informed decisions on their real estate needs. Large or small, local or multinational, we never compromise on our commitment to delivering timely information and accurate analysis – in short, the type of service they deserve.